Sunday, April 26, 2009

4:00PM: Vowed to go home early and start writing a talk, in order to be done by at least 9:00PM.

5:30ish PM: Got off work.

6:00PM-9:30PM: Wasted time.

9:30PM-1:15AM (present): Started writing talk, funned around on the interweb, downloaded some music from the CD "80 Great Movie Themes" (I don't know either, so don't ask), continued writing talk...

Projected Time to Finish Talk: 2:30ish AM?

9:00AM: Present talk in Sacrament Meeting.

Well done, Catherine.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things That Have (or will) Change in the Life of Cathers:

Then: Provo

Then: Singles Ward full of people like this.
Now: A ward full of normal people. Holy crap.

Then: DVR-less.
Now: DVR (has saved my life probably 117 times already-no joke).

Then: No gay friends who are married to illegal lesbian immigrants.
Now: One gay friend who is actually married to an illegal lesbian immigrant.

Then: Weekly visits to Sam Hawk (best Korean restaurant of all time).
Now: Trying (unsuccessfully) to find a Salt Lake substitute for Sam Hawk.

Then: No ipod. For reals-it made me feel better than all of you who conformed.
Now: Ipod. Now I'm just a faceless idiot for Apple to brainwash just like everyone else.

Then: Conan O'Brien.
Now: boyfriend, Jimmy Fallon.

Then: Jay Leno.
Now: other boyfriend, Conan O'brien.

Then: Only Diet Coke.
Now: Diet Coke and Vitamin Water-the orange one tastes just like Tang. Not kidding.

Then: Duffy, Feist, M. Ward.
Now: 90s Jams, Ting Tings, The Elected.

Then: Had not yet discovered Jackie and Debra/Jersey Mom.
Now: Have discovered Jackie and Debra/Jersey Mom and there is nothing in this world that could make me even 1/4 as happy.

Just a morsel of the tom foolery I've come to endure, neigh, RELISH here in SLC.

Forever Yours,