Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Queen Bee

First of all, I know that movies are not real.  Second of all, I am not trying to express any political views  in the following post.

Just doing some thinking.  Can we talk about what I was thinking?  Tangled.  We all saw it.  We all loved it.  We all watch it on Sundays when we don't know what else to watch.  So here's the thing.  Remember the first part when they're introducing the story of the flower and how Gothel was just being so selfish and only using it for herself?  Ok.  Stop right there.

So...just a recap - what makes Gothel the villain is that she takes all the flower magic for herself?  Right?  I mean is that right?  But the flower is still in the ground and at least available for everyone else to use, should they find it.  RIGHT?

Fast forward, Queen gets sick and it's sad and she's preg so it's double-sad.  What's the answer?  In the movie, it's for the guards to hunt down said magik flower, mix it into a yummy yummy sun cocktail, then let ONLY THE QUEEN drink it.  Flower.  Destroyed.  Gone forever.

So...hold on, Queenie.  How is the solution for the richest person in the kingdom to ROB the rest of the kingdom of their richest resource?  Wouldn't it make more sense to make that same magical cocktail and then pour it into the water tower and have everyone in the kingdom have a glass?  And THAT way, everyone can have magical hair and heal everyone else?  Then.  TOGETHER they can become an invincible kingdom that would crush all the other kingdoms and avatars and whatever else comes against them.  Wouldn't THAT have been better?  CRUSHING avatars?  How did no one think of this?

Also, it's not like this flower belongs to anyone.  No one worked their whole life to build the Magik Flower Foundation.  The SUN dropped that flower.  It's game for everyone, RIGHT?

So who is the real villain here?  Gothel is taking too much heat.


Brian said...

I love this! But I can only see it as political... sorry about your disclaimer at the beginning.

Halo BW said...

Love your post!