Sunday, July 12, 2009

School of Celebrity

The other day I fantasized that there must be a university somewhere in Southern California (no, I will not be so stupid as to refer to it as "So Cal" or "Callie") that caters only to aspiring celebrities. I brainstormed about the would-be curriculum and this is what I came up with:

Course of Study/Course Description:

Introduction to Communism 1010:
Students will learn about, accept, and become an activist of the communist party. Class will also participate in recruiting party members by way of Oscar Acceptance Speeches.

Identity 1010:

Students will explore possible celebrity identities for themselves eg: Class Act, Club Skank, Political Activist, Philanthropist, etc.

Issues 1010:

Students will identify trends in mass media regarding world issues. Class will also gain an understanding of how to create a media whirlwind around said issues .

Public Speaking:

Students will learn how to address the public. Class must be prepared to pretend they have been to several third-world countries and formed relationships with the locals. Prerequisites: Issues 1010.

Art of Adoption 1010; 1020:

Students will begin the process of adopting an African child.

De-Genderization 1010; 1020; 2210; 3210:

How to successfully create and implement gender break-down in your community.

That is all I came up with. Just a thought.