Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wind Beneath My Wings

With all this fuss over Jerry Sloan and Deron Williams, I can't help but feel like someone's been left out. I think you know who I'm talking about. The 7 foot Center with a will of iron and a heart of gold. That's right. It's Greg Ostertag.

Ostertag cast a shadow over 1998 (or something) with his talent, his charm, his charisma and his haircut. I mean, can you even try to think of a pop culture reference from that era that isn't centered around Greg? I don't think so.

Ostertag was the enigmatic player who led the Jazz to every single victory they ever had. It's almost impossible to understand why the Jazz traded him to another team. And then that team traded him. And then he came back to the Jazz. And then he got traded again. Ostertag was on fire!

But like every flame, Greg's career flickered and died a firey death. I don't know what year. But oh what a ride it was while it lasted! Here's to you, Greg.

As a tribute, I found some inspirational quotes DIRECTLY FROM GREG HIMSELF and also some from the Deseret News and some other source that I can't remember:

"It is true that Ostertag could not score. He was an inefficient
scorer from the field and the free throw line. But basketball is not just
about scoring". -The Wages of Wins Journal

"I just want to play and help this team win" -Greg Ostertag, Deseret