Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Music Scene. What's hot. What's not. And what I like.

Today Carly and I had a brief but interesting discussion about music. It left me inspired. And when I say "inspired", I mean ready to create another blog entry.

What's "HOT":

Mystical Indie: Forget Jenny Lewis-her time has come and gone. The new Indie is as follows-unknown artist that uses only wind chimes or fake instruments from places like Tibet or Nepal. And when I say "fake instruments" I mean just the sound of wind or maybe a running dryer. If someone has heard of the band you are listening to, it's not cool anymore.

Guilty Pleasure Towne: Gaga. Beyonce. The soundtrack to Glee Season 1. Pick one or two (any more is unacceptable). If you are listening to your Guilty Pleasure artist on the way to your friend's house, make sure to turn the dial before you get out of your car. It's always embarrassing when your friend gets in and hears "Bad Romance", even though he/she probably knows all the lyrics.

What's "NOT":

Anything on 97.1: Except for the Z Morning Zoo and your Guilty Pleasure, of course.

Owl City: WT. This is the worst band evsies.

Vampire Weekend: The Scene would have you believe that they "sold out".

What I Like:

Go to Pandora. Type in Bryan Adams. BINGO. You just found the best playlist ever. I'm so INTO Bryan Adams right now (and other artists that have the same genome). If you don't understand why, here's your answer.

Go to Pandora. Type in Judy Garland and slam dunk the funk.

Go to Pandora. Type in Regina Spektor. Note: this radio station is best on days where it is raining or in some other way whimsical.

I love the 90's. I just LOVE the 90's.

Love, Cath

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Free Breadsticks

There are maybe 5 eternal truths. One of which is this: if you are female, you have, at one point in your life, flirted with the workers at Little Caeser's to get free Crazy Bread. If you haven't yet, you will. And that feeling of power is addicting-you'll want to do it every time. Not a flirter? Doesn't matter. It WILL happen.