Thursday, November 6, 2008

TIP PANIC: (tip, pan-ik) noun, verb:

A sudden, overwhelming fear that one's gratuity is insufficient. Often followed by irrational thinking, leading to an overly-generous tip. Most cases occur in ethnic restaurants, most likely due to the language barrier or fear that waiter/tress is a refugee.
Anyone else ever get this?


Todd and Ryann said...

OH my gosh that is so true! Really they probably grew up in Provo and fake the accent. I would. Sometimes when I was a waitress I would fake a Russian accent and say I just got out of the sex slave trade. Remember that movie we watched at Rob Moon's house? You know he has probably bought a few himself. I always get nervous in the Valet at a hotel because if you don't tip them enough, you know they'll mess up your car. Oh, that happened to me last week. Our truck broke down IN VALET in Vegas. WOW. That message was a hundred lines long. sorry

Leandra said...

Jesse is the tip nazi now. Why don't I know how to spell nazi? is that right? anyway I just let him tip and then get pissed because it's too much. He just feels bad for everyone because he gets screwed everyday of his life. and then he spends the 3 dollars he did get in tip on someone else's tip. it's a vicious cycle.