Monday, September 15, 2008

Limited time only. Product may result in a dislike for any other apple fruit product and can lead to other fruit tasting like warm sand.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Friends That Say Funny Things:
While talking about gas prices, Leia wondered aloud why the government can't just "train us to ride broomsticks". The government. Because they know how to ride broomsticks and are just waiting till the right moment to release this information to the public. I laughed for 10 million hrs.

My sister, Annie, and brother-in-law, Jason:
Annie told me that, in church, Jason brainstormed an idea that will revolutionize the whole high school scene. What if there was a high school created just for pregnant teens? It could be called Hoe High and their fight song could be "High-hoe, high-hoe, it's off to school we go..."

My boss:
Told me that, when he was ten, loved to sing and dance and found a way to create an audience for himself when he did this. He took a large aluminum can, painted people on the inside, put the can on his head, and then sang away. Keep in mind he was outside while doing this. Just sitting on the lawn, singing with a can on his head.

A friend who shall remain anonomys:
Recently acquired some Living Scriptures videos from a family close to her. The funny part about this is as follows: 1. She doesn't need/want the videos. 2. They are stolen from the aforementioned family. Not to worry, they will not be missed.