Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I cannot stop thinking about the ridiculous films of the 90's (and by "ridiculous" I mean "trying so hard to be so dramatic and mystical...and in doing so, securing a place in my heart forever"). Have you ever realized how hilarious these movies are? Let me give you a list of some of my all-time favorites:

Jurassik Park
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Dances with Wolves
Mission: Impossible
The Three Musketeers
Independence Day

When was the last time you watched any of these films? If you are confused as to why I think they are funny, let me give you some ideas of what to do while you watch them (sort of like Conference BINGO in primary)...


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Try giving some of the title characters hilar nicknames: Remember Duncan, who gets his eyes cut out? How funny is it to refer to him as "Dunker" or "Slam Dunk"? Pretty funny.

Performing a skit of some of the most dramatic moments: Remember when Robin finds out that Will Scarlet is his brother? And Will yells "OUR FATHER LOVED YOU MORE THAN ME!" Makes for a great skit.

Understand the level of skill needed to play the lead role: I'm pretty positive Kevin Costner is the same guy in every film. Which is what makes him so fantastic.

Consider the scenes that just rocked your world as a child (and are now just over-the-top): The scene at the very first where Robin almost gets his hand chopped off? Or maybe when the crazy witch is blowing her gaskets about the "Painted Man" that "haunts her dreams"? Or how about in Twister, when the "sister" tornados appear...or later in that same movie when the "Dorothy" tips over Helen Hunt finally confronts her past by yelling at Bill Pullman about her dead father?

Lastly, review the film's score or theme song in your mind: How can you lose with Brian Adams, Everything I Do I Do It For You? You can't. The End.

I could go on forever. But I won't.
Love, Cath


Leandra said...

Pretty sure we watched Independence day a couple of weeks ago when it was on t.v. ha ha . And I remember thinking the whole time, really will smith is just knowing how to drive this alien jet? It's fine, he HAD to do it. HAD to. And that's what happens in real life.

Jesse said...

We were just talking about how crazy Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is at my work. Like how come Kevein Costner is the only guy in the whole move without an english accent. And Christian Slater as Will Scarlet goodness. Also the crazy work of Jurassic Park. Yea Jeff Goldblum and some kids are gonna out run Raptors and a T-Rex when all the dinosaur 'professionals' as if there is such a thing die

Zach Helm said...

I have a hard time looking at that pic of Kevin and not wanting him to replace Russell Crowe in the remake. Actually that pic makes him look like he's in a med-evil gay porn. Good stuff.

blcorry said...

I don't know if I should be ashamed or honored that 4 of those movies are on my "Top 10 Favorite Movies of All-Time" list.

Jesse said...

also why do you see Kevin Costners butt in like all those movies.

cat.janer said...

1. Brian-that list IS my list of favorite movies of all time.
2. Jesse-hahha yes, you DO see Kevin Costner's naked self in all of those! WTF.

Todd and Ryann said...

Hey Cath,
It's been so long but never long enough to not comment on this post. So, Lets also remember how in Robin Hood, Robin is the only person without an English Accent. Ha ha awesome. Also, now that I live in Tornado Country I appreciate Twister ever so much more. Just remember, if a Tornado comes, don't run into a slaughter house but instead, tie yourself to any pole with your T shirt. That will hold. Also, watch out for COWS.

Marco Fogg said...

totally agree!