Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quote Board:

Ever since I was a young gal at UVSC I've kept a quote book. What do I write in it? Hilarity from friends, family, teachers, celebs, etc. I would like to share some of them with you:

*In a flamboyant English accent: "Helllloooooooo, Catherine! This is Doctor Johnson! You thought I was dead but it turns out I was in a coma...!"
-This is the best voicemail I've ever recieved, courtesy of Ryan. Keep in mind, his last name is not even close to Johnson.

"Is 24 Hour even open this late?"
-Josh on the 36 hours in the day

"I would get beef jerky...but I'm too lazy to eat it"
-Riley on why she needed to buy 3 Rice Krispie Chevron

"I just fed a baby, who's allergic to milk, some delicious yogurt! What to do?! Oh rats!"
-Ry on why babysitting is the hardest of all the jobs.

"Why DO they sleep in those little ovens?"
-Kiera on not understanding Japanese hotels/beds

"I'm not one to dab the grease. I just think to myself- who are you kidding? You don't care if there's fat on that'".
-Carly on eating pizza

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