Friday, January 9, 2009

Listen you guys, I really need roughly $4,000,000

I have a really good idea for a movie, who wants to produce it? I can't let you in on all the details (I don't want everyone taking the ideas and turning them into Hannah Montana-or whoever is running Hollywood at the moment-for a quick buck) but here are a few keywords:

Parker Posey
Christopher Guest
The Deep South
Paternity Test

You get the idea. It's going to be amazing. I know, cinema is boring, but it's a part of my life.


The Red Pen said...

Your new year's resolution should be to post more!

I'm all for TAMN in the deep south. I haven't read SSB in months but I bet she's still the same old, and I'd love to see her reform all the ugly confederates there.

Oh, this is my new blog. I ditched the old one in a major life change, or something.


The McLane Blog Page: said...

I can spot you about $50...does that help?


Leandra said...

Oh yeah, I'm liking what I hear. i actually can't spot you anything because I spent all my money on treats at kara's and See's chocolates but I do need to hear more about this film.

Staci said...

Happy Birthday from Chris! Stace told me that it was your birthday, ok so it was yesterday, big deal! Hope you had a great day!

Four Winns said...

Actually, I was wondering if you could loan ME $4,000,000. Not for a movie or anything. Just for buyin' clothes and a pony and stuff.

Carly said...

i am doing some fund raising as we speak.

Marci + Dan said...

Dear Cat,

I miss you and your blog.



Fernando and Eliza said...

Kitty Kat, I put you on my blog list! Do you have a facebook?