Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hizappy Birthdizzle

Today is Keith Elison's birthday! I chose this cake for the occasion because Keith is built on a firm "foundation", much like this fondant barn. And like these wide-eyed "ponies", peeking out of the fence, "Keith" has a curiosity and zest for life (if you didn't understand that, it's just because you didn't grow up in the Elison house. And that is just TOO bad).

One of my favorite things about Keith is that every time he meets a celebrity, he has a really good story to tell about it. Like when he met Latoya Jackson on an airplane and, after chatting her up, moon-walked back to his seat. Or like the time he saw Carol Mikita in a ride line at Disney Land and proclaimed "Carol Mikita?! This really IS the happiest place on earth!" Or, like that time he saw Quentin Terrentino at Sundance and, after a long conversation with him, told him he'd give him $20 if he named his next character after him. Fantastic.

Anyways, happy birthday, biotch. Hope it's a good one.

ALSO. Just so everyone knows, I was looking through an application at my job yesterday. Here is what I found in his employment history under "Company Products/Services":

"Family steak house...we cooked children".



Alzhiemer's said...

Catherine, I could not help but notice those wild eyed ponies on the cake as well. It brings me back to a time long ago in Sunday school. It was around Christmas time and trying to place in our hearts the true meaning of Christmas, our teacher (I think it was Jeff Fry) showed us a film on the Nativity. I'll never forget how I felt watching that film as tears streamed gently down my cheek. The whole moment was demolished however when a burst of laughter was heard in the room...coming from you. You totally ruined the spirit of film by rolling around on the floor laughing because of the stupid lamb and his crazy eye! That could have been my confirming answer of the truthfulness of this Gospel, but it was RUINED by your uncontrolled laughter. I hope your happy. Happy birthday Keith.

Four Winns said...

Zest for life? I'm pretty sure I grew up in the same house you did and I have no idea what that means? I did know all that other stuff though. Dang, and all I did was send him an ecard. P.S. you should have called this post Happy Gregday. DUH.

Word verification: Goivff (a new way to spell the name 'Jeff')

Carly said...

I want you to know that I am laughing so hard right now, that I am crying... CRYING. Why have I not moon-walked for Latoya Jackson?