Friday, April 25, 2008

Go Shorrty, It's Yo Birfday

Happy Birthday to The Nana! Staci is my friend/boss from Buckle. Here are some little known facts about the Stabster-licious:

She introduced me to MAC (this seriously changed my life...SERIOUSLY).
She wanted to be an astronaut...and I think she still does...
I know why her hair was down at her wedding, but half up for the reception (see me or Leia for details).
Give her a chance, and she'll get you addicted to Cadbury Mini Eggs.
She saves money buy using mall employee coupons to places like Clinique and Chik-Fil-A.
She is fluent in "Brieves" and one time said: "I gue I cho Rebs". Hahahaha-oh the brieves...
Her favorite movie is "Beetlejuice".

Now for a well-known fact: Stac is one of the most generous, awesome people in the universe.
Thanks, Nane-nane. You're the greatest. Have fun on the Buckle vacay!


Chris said...

Stace told me to stop on by and read your blog for a good laugh! She wasn't lying! Hilarious about Stace's hair being up for the reception, it was because it was like 105 that day and she had a sweatty neck, duh!!!

Staci said...

ok, so I just saw the post chris made and the you did. We are in the airport! Thank you soooo much for the shout out!! That is a very nice friend thing to do. BTW I laughed my guts out reading it and I love the Rebs fact, I had everyone looking at me and wondering..either that or they think I am a hottie mom:) Love you Cat!! You are that good Friend..most of the wierd languages I speak and unusual things I do are because I learned them from you:) Thank you for being thougthful and that you always remember me!! I will never cho u!!

Van D Family said...

Hey Cat,
Wow, I found your blog...and you are hilarious. Perhaps you should look into are hilarious!