Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here's what's on my mind as of late:

10. Orange County. I think it's stupid. I'm sorry.

09. Hungarian restaurants. Anyone know of one?

08. I think SeriouslysoBlessed is copying me. Ok, I know she isn't, but I'm so jealous of all her fame that I just have to keep telling myself that she is.

07. Cool Runnings. Feel de rhythm, feel de ride, clear de way, it's bobsled time. When was the last time you watched that movie? Too long ago.

06. Bimbimbop.

04. Bringing back trends from the early 1990's. I call it: Project Stephanie Tanner.

03. High fashion parties at the Tracy Aviary.

02. Ed Hardy is for dorks. Rich dorks.

01. Fall Air Smell. Can't wait to soak that mess up.


Leandra said...

1. what is the tracy aviary?
2. coolrunnings I HAVE actually seen, surprisingly enough. And I love it.
3. ssb is copying you and you should be raking in the money that she is from all the ads on the page.
4. orange county as in the place, or the show?
5. I know how you feel about the smell of fall! And remember how fun it is to step on those stupid leaves when they fall? love it. let's go jump in apile when we can.

Sunshine said...

Hi. I know what you mean about SSB copying. I did a "baby naming wizard" in 2004 that I thought was a real hoot, but took off my blog after offending half of Utah. I recently saw almost the exact same thing on SSB. I felt violated.

It's not like nobody's noticed how everyone names their babies in Utah. It's pretty obvious we're freaks in that department.

Your hilarious blog, by the way, is much funnier than SSB. I should be careful; sometimes she reads her readers' blogs and leaves defensive comments if you make fun of her. I, too, am jealous of her fame. We all have cracked the jokes, she's just the first one to think of doing it that way and is now worshipped. It pissed me off so bad I quit reading SSB.

The smell of Fall is the best thing in the world. Ever.

Ry and Steph said...

okay miss ... so we are gonna link you on our blog...and if i don't see a link back to ours soon... i'm gonna hack your account and link it myself!!
okay: my favorite hungarian restaurant is in budapest...I'll show you where it is someday..
both the OC and the OC suck... but we have been rocking the tracy aviary since kindergarten field trips...
and let's get a wilkommen to freunde up on your title... komm doch!! ;)

fry said...

I like operation: stephanie tanner. A LOT. stephanie effing tanner. well, we didn't think we'd still be in love with steph, we are.

how rude.

Brady and Taryn said...

Wait...I can't even begin to think about anything else until you tell me if Stephanie Tanner is prego?

jodie rae said...

Haha Yeah one of Jenny's blogs convinced me... I've never written in a journal and so I'm using it as a journal of sorts! PS I love your blog- it cracks me up!

I'm doing the Del Sol thing in Maui right now... The work part is sort of lame but living here is incredible! I actually trained with a girl named Jessica Jensen that knows you! She's in Kauai right now!

Anyway, I miss you and think we should have a junior high reunion when I get back in January! What do you think?

Carly said...

did I already miss honeycrisp season?

PS...didn't stephanie tanner die?

Staci said...

Well..let me know if I can help with Project Stephanie sounds amazing! I must say I am more of a spring air person..that's ok we can still be the way..please don't be a stranger!! If you ever want to grab a bite to eat or need some boxes..just call:)

C&C said...

Cat, please be my friend forever and let's call Stephanie to see if she'd like to join our friends forever club.

And add my link as I will be doing the same for you.