Friday, August 1, 2008

Leia is in the 23 Club Today

Ok, I realize this cake says "Happy 30th Birthday, Regina" on it, but the cake is so fitting (shopping bag + Leia's favorite colors) that I just needed to put it up. Anyway, today is Leia's Birthday! Leia is 23 and an official adult. Here are the reasons The Leggs and I are friends:

One time she said this: "I'm not worried about cancer. I'm worried about calories." HA! Don't act like that isn't the funniest thing ever.

She catches on quickly to slang like "girf/boyf", "tots", "mates", and other such Buckle jargon.

She knows that the answer to any problem you will ever face is a Diet Coke from Sonic.

We read the same retarded books and then have lengthy discussions on what we think will happen in the sequel to that retarded book.

She is as obsessed with ANTM as I am and will watch the occasional marathon with me.

We both thought "27 Dresses" was about the gayest thing ever, even when everyone else in the theater was in total awe of such an adorable (adorable=cliche) love story.

We understand how awesome Igrid and Meiko are and sometimes have emotional moments at their concert.

We have both decided to be rich and have lots of plastic surgery and maids and live next to each other when we are older. It's just easier that way you guys. Get over it.

Happy Birthday, Leggs! I can't believe you are leaving (Leia is leaving to go rock The Buckle in Valencia, CA)! I will miss you like craz-ay and can't wait to come visit you every day! So many Wicked and MEKs and Diet Coke and parties with the cast of Laguna Beach. PS if anyone wants to come to a certain "midnight celebration" with us to celebrate, you are invited. But I can't tell you what that celebration is, because it is too embarrassing.

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