Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, PA Babies!

This entry is in celebration of two birthdays-my two nieces living in Lancaster, PA: Juliet and Adrienne! Juliet turned 1 on 07/23 and Adri will be turning 15 on 08/01. Here are some of my favorite things about these girfs:

-Playing Barbies with Adri. She has a crazy voice for her Barbies and it is just too hilarious and makes you want to talk in that same crazy voice all day.

-Juliet's fatty arms/legs. Can you even handle it?!

-The fact that Juliet could be Adri's big sister.

-When the babies hate everyone that isn't Mom or Dad. I don't know why I think this is the funniest thing on earth (see above picture of Adri).

-Crazy ratty baby hair. Best thing ever.

Happy Birthday, babies! I hope your day is a wonderful dream come true and that you get all the glass slippers/beautiful ball gowns/fairy wands you've ever dreamed of!


Leandra said...

I am obsessed with these babies and you know it! Happy birthday tots! and I'm glad I commented on this 2 seconds after you posted it. I've been lurking you. bye.

Staci said...

So cute!! Love seeing actual pics on your blog!! Yeah!! I think that you should really make that cake:)

Four Winns said...

You know, we don't acutally live in Lancaster. We live in Frazer, on Lancaster Avenue. It's like saying you live in Walker Lane, Utah. Thanks for messing everything up, Cat. This post was great though and I'll have to show it to Adri.

Four Winns said...

I showed it to Adri and she said she wanted pink flowers. Then she said, "And then we'll eat it. But we won't eat it cuz we can't." It's so true.