Tuesday, June 3, 2008


CJY (Carly Johnston-Young) has tagged me. So here it is...all secrets revealed:

3 Joys:
*White Out. Especially the roll-on kind. How fabulous.
*Not having to work on Saturdays (I can't even BEGIN to describe the happiness this brings me-no offense to all the Buckle soldiers who rock every Saturday)
*Family photos that include characters such as "adventurous son" and "awkward 14 year old boy who is kind of chubby and is forced to sit in the front".

3 Fears:
*Octopus getting stuck on my face-what could be worse than that?!
*Creatures getting stuck in my hair.
*Some day I'll be watching General Conference and the prophet will announce that it is no longer ok to drink Diet Coke or go tanning. I'm not kidding. I get anxiety about it every April/October.

3 Goals:
*Save all the money as to be able to afford things later.
*Drink an adequate amount of water daily.
*Write the books. There are 3-4 stirring around in my brain at this very moment.

3 Current Obsessions/Collections:
*Emerald and copper-colored things.

3 Surprising Facts:
*I'm always thirsty. Always.
*I love looking for product placement in movies. Marketing is the best hobby anyone could ever have.
*I want to color my hair carrot-red but won't do it because it is socially unacceptable.

3 Friends to Tag:
*Amy-it's about freaking time you had a new post
*The Leala


Carly said...

So is carrot red actually orange.

P.S. i am hanging out with Mike Martineau and spouse right now, you are so jealous/pissed.

fry said...

On Goals should have been:

-try to be tanner than Jason

We both know that is impossible. Get it. Causing contention.

Leandra said...

Let's hear it for the roll on white-out!!!! I love that stuff too! The best is just to use it to like write your name on things. It's hard though, because of the way the strip is shaped. You have to do block letters. You know what I'm talking about.

Leandra said...

and bein as tan as leala.

Leandra said...

I want to leave a hundred comments. Do Tuesday Tell all with me! It's the best.

Brady and Taryn said...

I totally feel ya on the the fear of getting creatures stuck in your hair!!! Probably because its already happened to me 3 times in my life. Well once it was on my face, but head/hair. All of it is terrifying.

Marci & Daniel said...

Yes - write those books. So glad you're back from Hawaii. I love reading your blog.