Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top Ten Tasks to Accomplish in Summer '08

#10. Find a new haircut/color (the redder the better).

#9. Attend yet another Ingrid concert. And maybe Warped Tour. June 28th. The Perfect Storm.

#8. Win one of those Buckle Sweepstakes I keep entering.

#7. Project: Family Photo. No. Not my family. Just a photo of people pretending to be a family while wearing matching things and doing awkward poses (see above picture).

#6. Read all the things-just finished Flags of our Fathers (if you have not read this, I highly recommend you get going on that). I'm taking suggestions...now. PS please go to http://www.goodreads.com/.

#5. Weekly Cultural Food Extravaganza-thanks again for sewing those costumes for us, Taryn.

#4. Find a house for Fall-yikes...running out of time!

#3. So many a million Davis County tours with The Bounce-this will include F-Town Festival Days and possibly a 4th of July Parade. Oh for heaven's sake.

#2. Attend so many Bees games-thank you Leala for keeping us all posted on what will be going on at each game ie: $1 hot dog night or Fireworks Surprise!
#1. Weekend Road Trips. Yosemite? Santa Fe? Who knows. Let's hope this happens sooner and not later.


Brady and Taryn said...

Sushi is just not the same without the perfect hand sewn kimono.

Leandra said...

Because it's ladies night. blee blee. we wanna go to warped tour too! and I am currently texting you about the bees upcoming game on saturday. the promo: famous chicken will be there and buy one get one free tickets. contact me for more info.

Jenny Payne said...

Dear Cate.Janer,
I would love to co-author a novel. Anything we can do to leave our mark on society really...a novel...a how to book, a functional-facts article....whatever we can do. You let me know...we'll set up a meeting and we'll all wear those thick framed (graphic designer style) glasses drink some cider out of a star bucks mug and go to work.

Brady and Taryn said...

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I had totally forgotten that pointing to a map is going to be a pivotal part of the night. In fact, it may be the most important part. I was really wanting it to be a giant map, but I don't know where to find one. And come to think of it, we don't even own a map or a globe. We must be heathens,good thing we are starting these culture nights! To sum it up, my thoughts are that it is crucial to find a map so we can take that pic!

Carly said...


Bare feet is necessary in a family photo. AND I hope you are getting started on 1984, I just picked up a copy today. It is only $10 at Barnes & Noble.

Staci said...

love the list and the fake family photo..cool overalls. Ingrid is the best..maybe we can get professional pics taken of us in our shirts and pretend like we are sisters? huh? maybe that's why you haven't won any of those buckle sweepstakes.

Staci said...

Thank you love...it was the best visit ever!!! You need to come over and watch my Europe feature film! It's amazing!! Love ya Cat, thank you for keeping in touch and being that good friend!!

Staci said...

I'm glad that I have made the last 3 comments on this post:)

Leandra said...

Catherine... it's been 2 weeks and I check this baby religiously everyday.


Hi FRIEND! It's Shavonne... it's been for.ev.er. Lame. MISS YOUR FACE!