Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seriously So Blessed

Listen up, blogging world: I've officially found the second best blog ever. I don't know who the creator is, but they are genius and I will be inviting them to my home for a celebratory feast as soon as possible.

Cat's List of Things That the 2nd Best Blog Ever Must Have:

  1. Making fun of things Provo residents do: check

  2. Every blogging cliche possible: check

  3. Reference to all-things-mormon aka Twilight series, selling candles out of your home, and pronouncing Lake Powell "Lake Pal": check

  4. Saying how "blessed" you are in every entry: check

  5. Being the highlight of my day: check

Special thanks to Brian Corry for finding all the funny things and letting me in on the secrets. Keep in mind that this blog is NOT serious. It's just awesome.

Seriously So Blessed: Second Best Blog of All Time


Mar said...

Just found your blog from Seriously So Blessed. Your Provo Culture posts are hilarious!

Kirsten J said...

I surfed to this blog FROM the blessed blog, and I'm so glad I did! Your blog is so funny.

Ew, am I sounding like the blessed girl? Is this cheesy? Sorry.

Adam and Kristina said...

I also found your blog from SSB, and it's quite entertaining! I assume that when you talk about the second best blog, you are referring to mine being the first bestest. A lot of people feel that way.


That BLOG is sooooo classic. HA! I miss hearing about your take on the world Cat! You're pretty much the coolest person I know. :) So how would you feel about having a Buckle-reunion next week? What? What was that? You're STOKED!? Sweet! Because it pretty much would be a struggle without you there. Leandra, Staci, and I are in so far. We'll see if Brady's available to come, & I've gotta call Kater-tot so she can come play too. Let me know what night works best for you besides the weekend. Umokaybye.

Mar said...

P.S. I love MAC too. Have you ever been to Sephora, the big old makeup department store in Las Vegas, NYC, or other large cities? I pretty much pee my pants any time I can go there.

Natalie said...

My good friend Mar, who posted first, sent me your blog and I must say, you are awesome.

And, I actually know a few women who would fall in line with your "Hottie Moms" description. It's sad, isn't it? :)

Dan and Laura said...

Cat...thank you for soooo blessing my life to behold that great/annoying/aggravating/irritating/vexacious/pestiferous blog. I now know where to go feel like hitting someone. I'm so blessed.

fry said...

As soon as I got on that blog David Archuleta started singing, Oprah got a shout out and I saw the word "yummy" like 5 times. I hit the back button so many times I was on my homepage again.

Seriously, so blessed! said...

I don't get it. Love you too!

Leia said...

Girf! First of all, Seriously, so blessed is one of the best things you have ever found! I laughed so hard in my head at every post. I'm glad S,SB "gets the joke". Second, I love, LOVE, love that your blog is becoming famous. Can I have your autograph? Like, seriously?! What a privilege it is to call you my friend.