Thursday, February 28, 2008

{George Michael}

Thank you, Leia for showing me the light. I'm jealous I didn't find this first. My boyfriend, George Michael Bluth, has his own show on the web. It's pretty dynamite. Please watch every episode and enjoy.


Leandra said...

remember in the theme song when they are riding on the bike together in matching yellow and pink outfits? djfkaljsa; fantastic.

Carly said...

"Why should we make a golden necklace to drape around a neck that nobody watches!" AAAGAGGHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHHSHHDF. ha ha h.

Meggara said...

i love george michael cat! we have to watch arrested development together. i just added you to my blog. maybe you should check check check it out. gross that just sounded like efy.