Friday, February 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged. Only...I changed it up a little. Hope no one's ticked.

10 Years Ago...I was 13. So that means I was in eighth grade, buying beef jerkey from Jeff Sorensen, trying not to get caught in the "Dungeons and Dragons" Accelerated Reader scandal and in love with...let's just say Jim Vosburgh for good measure.

5 Years Ago...I was 18. So I was getting ready to graduate high school-soaking up as much Pam Coburn as possible, searching the underground tunnels of DHS with Chelsea Bennett's video camera, and trying to avoid Nate Neagle and Co.

5 Things That Are (or were) On My To Do List Today...
*Watch The George Michael Show
*Drink a Diet Coke or two or three
*Work (aka interview some crazies and some non-crazies)
*See Vantage Point with J.Fry

5 Things People Don't Know About Me:
*Grape soda is one of my top 3 favorite drinks but I rarely drink it.
*I love the smell of school books.
*I secretly love the salad bar at Sizzler. Sorry.
*I don't feel like I'm 23. Instead I feel like I'm 17...only not as retarded.
*The best compliments I can get are as follows: "Hey, you look really tan", "Your hair is getting so long", "Well said", or "Hey, what you just did reminded me of Keith!"-Keith is my brother and I think Annie would agree on this one.

I tag: Annie and Jason Winn (that's right, I said Jason too), Hip Hopera aka Ryann Edwards, Jenny Payne, and Karen Cannon.


Carly said...

I am still in love with Jim Vosburgh, and I still try to avoid anyone associated with Nate Nagel at all cost.

Grape Soda...really? You and Oliver should have a drink together, but he will only drink it if it is Big K.

Marci & Daniel said...

Why did FJH rule so much?

Staci said...

uhhh, even I know that you love to be complimented on your tan and long hair!! I want a refund!!

Leia said...

Girf, you forgot to include SKINNY with being tan and having such long hair. P.S. I cut three inches off my hair and I'm ticked.

Leandra said...

lets talk about a few things.

first off. girf (or should I say our new code word for girf?) I'm so glad you did this survey. I like the grape soda part. learning something new about my bre--- everyday.

second. Leia I'm excited to see the new do.

thirdly. lets go jazz.

fouthly. the word verification I have to type below says lerla. that's kind of my name.

aly-son said...

i stumbled upon your blog and peed from laughter whilst reading! i agree with carly...jim is hot. your hair is really long p.s.

Jim said...

Cat... I was sitting at work and someone said they were reading a blog where someone said they were in love with me. Naturally I had to take a look. I could not stop laughing remembering Jeff Sorenson and his scissors around his neck (in case he threw up).

We should get together, drink some grape soda, and talk about our favorite SBTB episodes :)

cat.janer said...

A. I can only respond to your comment via my blog. Maybe you should activate some sort of profile.
B. HAHAhaha oh Jeff's scissors...that is RICH.
C. Who at your work is reading my blog? And such an old entry?
D. Tell me your life.