Saturday, February 9, 2008

Guten tag.

Welcome to my blog. In the future, I will be blogging about the following:

*Culture (anything from High School to Utah Valley to Korea-prepare yourselves)
*Inventions I have thought up/books I plan on writing.
*Friends and various Davis High Alumni.
*New discoveries (ie awesome stores such as Many Lands or restaurants such as Pudding on the Rice).
*Random things I learn on the street. should be good-stay tuned. Feel free to comment/stalk/enlighten your friends and/or family.


Four Winns said...

Well I'm glad you won't be making any comments about your lame family. Good for you. Family members are so overrated. Especially sisters.

cat.janer said...

I SAID don't be offended! I forgot! I'll dedicate a whole page to you.

RicAnn said...

Hey I am glad to hear that you're starting a blog. You seem to have some interesting things to say and goin in your life. It shall be entertaining!
I hope you don't mind me checkin in every once in while.


Marci & Daniel said...

Sweetness Catherine Jane. SO glad you're blogging.

Eric, Kait & Tink said...

Cat, I love you. It's good to hear some good old fashioned cat humor once in a while :)
Kater Tot